Dupersol Lexsis EDM

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Dupersol ATF
October 10, 2017
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October 10, 2017
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Dupersol Lexsis EDM


High Quality Electrical Discharge Machining Oil

DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM (Electric discharge machining) is high quality hydrocarbons derived from the refining and hydrogenation of highly selected feedstocks. They have very low aromatic contents, low odour, excellent oxidation and thermal stability and are widely used for the formulation of EDM (Electric discharge machining)


DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM a metal removal process involving the removal of material from the workpiece by a series of controlled electric discharges or sparks. The tool and the workpiece are insulated by a special dielectric fluid.
DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM is a premium dielectric fluid meeting the requirements for insulation and controlled dielectric discharge during electric discharge machining operations.

DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM is formulated with a highly refined, narrow cut paraffinic base stock. The product is colorless and virtually odorless. The product exhibits a relatively high flash point that helps reduce the possibility of fire. The low viscosity of the fluid provides good circulation through the spark gap and more rapid removal and settling of metal fines.

DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM has excellent oxidation stability which helps reduce the formation of oxidation products that will alter the dielectric strength of the fluid.

DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM exhibits a high dielectric strength which provides insulation of the tool and workpiece and helps control electric discharge during the machining operation. DUPERSOL LEXSIS EDM is also extremely effective as a glass grinding fluid.


  • Plunge or ram electrical discharge machining
  • Glass grinding


  • more pleasant work environment
  • longer usage life cycle
  • does not corrode parts and machines
  • good visibility enables operators to inspect work pleces with ease
  • exlient cooling of electrodes and parts


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